Most businesses are unaware that they have assets to reclaim. Have a professional search conducted and find out if you have money to recover.

GDF is the easiest way to retrieve lost property and our process is 100% transparent:
• Nothing is paid in advance
• We provide a detailed property report for independent verification and approval
• We prepare all claim packages
• We track the processing of the claims
• Checks are issued in your name
• Checks are mailed directly to you
• 10% finder’s fee is assessed only on successfully recovered property
• Invoices are issued after checks have cleared

Easy check

We provide a free basic nationwide search across the major property database to find you unclaimed property.

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Smart Claim

Thorough search we prepare and summit the claims. This all for your 10% recovery fee.

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Perpetual Coverage

We continuously search for money belonging to you and will notify you about its existence.

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