In 2014, the company’s founder, Robert White, built and tested an innovative solution for locating lost property. As a veteran, Robert moved and traveled frequently, and as a result may have unclaimed funds in his name.

To solve this problem Robert wrote software which would automatically and regularly search for any property he might have lost over the years. Like a good dog, the software would serve as a trusted, life-long companion, constantly searching for lost property. The software was so successful that later that year Good Dog Financial was founded to offer these services to public.

Good Dog Financial (GDF) provides corporate customers with the most comprehensive solution for locating and recovering unclaimed property. GDF

  • searches private, local, state and federal repositories
  • searches unpublished unclaimed fund listings
  • offers a cost-effective solution with high ROI
  • utilizes multiple, overlapping and reenforcing technologies to search more effectively
  • conducts business lineage searches to identify property of previous acquisitions.

Our Team

Robert White (President)

Robert E. White II is a native of Virginia. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the United States Naval Academy and his Masters of Business Administration from The Ohio State Un

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